Floor design

This page gives you an overview over my range of services regarding floor design!


The laminate flooring has long been a very popular floor covering. And rightly so, because it has proven to be very stable and can be produced in numerous designs and colors. Compared to other high-quality floor coverings, the laminate is cheaper but still delivers a good quality.


Whether in the office or at home, the carpet not only provides comfort, but at the same time provides peace and quietness as sound insulation and is generally easy to clean.

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The vinyl floor is barefoot friendly, relatively easy to care for and is also durable. It looks great and is good for all rooms.

Vinyl is available in different designs and colors even PVC-free for the environmentally conscious.



Who is completely natural, thinks sustainably and appreciates quality; then is a parquet flooring the right choice. Parquet brings traces of history into your living space.

It is robust and gives your rooms the timeless appeal of real wood.