Wall design

This page gives you an overview over my range of services regarding wall design!

Creative wall designs

Are you bored of your white walls? If so, a creative wall design is the ideal solution for your four walls.

The selection of materials and techniques is enormous and there is something for every taste and style of living. You have the choice between plaster, paints and colors. Or gemstone and precious metal optics, wood and prefabricated panels to assemble, as well as 3D wallpapers just to name a few.



Wallpapers have been used since the 14th century and are still in great demand today as they are offered in different variations and styles.

Depending on taste, they are available as leather, fleece, wood-chip, ornament, fabric or design wallpaper as well as in other fabrics.


Filling techniques

Give your living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway or even your bedroom a little more flair and atmosphere by using a high-quality trowel technique to set the perfect accent.

There is a wide selection of troweling techniques that vary between their style, appearance, execution and ultimately their price differ. Whether marble look or more concrete, metallic shine or even a wall all in gold - that's a matter of taste.

Also possible to execute with acrylic or dispersion paints.



Colors bring light and life where previously a rather gloomy and gray atmosphere prevailed. The right combination of colors results in a noticeably pleasant room atmosphere.

A very large range of colors are at your disposal. Discover your well-being color concept.